My Autsome Life

Living, loving, and teaching with autism


Hi there! I’m Phinecia Hamm; a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and teacher navigating life with autism. I had autism long before it was studied and understood as it is today. Two of my three children, one boy and one girl, have autism. When my children were diagnosed, I decided to dive in and learn as much as I could about this disorder. I hold a BS in psychology, a M.Ed. in special education, and I am currently enrolled in a master’s program for applied behavioral analysis with a certificate in autism. Once I complete the program, I will sit for my BCBA certification. I am a teacher in a life skills classroom where I service several children with autism and I am a member of my school district’s autism & behavior support team. I am a huge advocate for autism understanding, support, and awareness in my community. With this blog I hope to give you a unique view of the world in which I live. My brain works a little different than yours but we all have the same goal, love and acceptance for who we are.

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